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Latest research projects

Researchers based within the Indigenous Engagement Division have a track record of earning significant grants to work with national and international collaborators on cutting-edge programs of research. You can explore their latest projects below or link to their wider research page links.

Professor Bronwyn Fredericks

Bronwyn Fredericks

Project Name: Giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children the best start in life: improving healthy food affordability and food security in remote Australia 2020-2023
Funding amount: AUD 2,102,692
Funding source: NHMRC

Project Name: Indigenous engagement and leadership in the evaluation of Indigenous health and wellbeing programs: Taking steps to improve government and non-government commissioning practices 2019-2023
Funding amount: AUD 672,173
Funding source: NHMRC

Project Name: A place-based model for Aboriginal community-led solutions 2019-2021
Funding amount: AUD 498,000
Funding source: ARC

Project Name: Benchmarking for healthy stores in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 2021
Funding amount: AUD 1,498,437
Funding source: 2020 Maternal First 2000 Days and Childhood Health.

Project Name: Navigating the Carceral Interface 2021
Funding amount: AUD 1,287,000 ARC
Funding source: Indigenous Discovery.

Project Name: Imagination as a way to address student inequity 2021
Funding amount: AUD 782,286
Funding source: ARC Linkage Grant.

Project Name: A Deadly Solution: Towards an Indigenous-led bush food industry 2020
Funding amount: AUD 1,565,000
Funding source: ARC Indigenous Discovery.

Project Name: Building the evidence to improve completion rates for Indigenous students 2020-2021
Funding source: National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (Curtin University).

Professor Tracey Bunda

Tracey Bunda profile

Project Name: Torres Strait Marine Safety Program Evaluation 2021-2022
Funding source: Qld Transport.

Project Name: Building Australia-China research capabilities for intercultural knowledge collaboration (DFAT grant led by USC) 2019-2021
Funding source: USC.

Project Name: Indigenous Pedagogical Practice: Hymba Yumba Independent School 2022
Funding source: UQ Indigenous Research Engagement and Partnerships Fund

Project Name: Indigenous Women navigating the Change of Life 2022
Funding source: UQ Indigenous Research Engagement and Partnerships Fund

Project Name: Improving student engagement to enrich students' experiences studying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies 2022-2023
Funding source: UQ Teaching Innovation Grant with Dr Katelyn Barney, Associate Professor Stephanie Gilbert and Dr r e a Saunders.

Dr r e a Saunders

r e a Saunders

Project Name: tRAKa-tRAKn 2020-2021
AUD 10,000
Funding source: Australia Council for the Arts.

Project Name: Australia Council Award for Emerging and Experimental Arts 2020-Present
Funding amount: AUD 25,000
Funding source: Arts Council Award.

Project Name: tRAKa-tRAKn Project 2019-Present
Funding amount: AUD 19,000
Funding source: Create NSW.

Associate Professor Stephanie Gilbert

Stephanie Gilbert profile

Project Name: Mums and Bubs Deadly Diets Reciprocity
Funding amount: AUD 41,337

Project Name: Documenting the National Impact of the Tubba-Gah Wiradjuri and Talbragar peoples
Funding amount: AUD 10,785

Project Name: Winanga-li: Indigenous worldviews incorporated into m-health approaches for Indigenous women and children 2020-2023
Funding source: NHMRC

Professor Anita Heiss

Anita new

Project Name: Cité internationale des arts Writing residency (Dec 2022-March 2023)
Funding amount: AUD 10,000
Funding source: Australia Council for the Arts

Project Name:  Dirrayawadha: to rise up (historical novel)
Funding source: Simon & Schuster

Project Name: Bidhi Galing: big rain (children’s picture book)
Funding source: Simon & Schuster

Project Name: Rodeo Dreaming (commercial women’s fiction)
Funding source: Audible Australia

Project Name: 'Binung Ma Na Du - cultural stories and living histories on Wakka Wakka Country.'
Funding source: AIATSIS

Dr Katelyn Barney

Katelyn Barney profile

Project Name: Building a stronger evidence base to support effective outreach strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students 2020-2021
Funding source: Equity Fellowship, National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (Curtin University).